The success of an organization tends to be directly related to its leadership. Even the most talented and experienced workers will not be able to flourish and perform to their potential under a leader who doesn’t know how to get the most of their employees. Learn more about what leadership style is most effective for employees: 

Most Common Leadership Styles: 


The authoritarian leadership style is one in which decisions are made and directives are issued with very little, if any, input from employees.  


Under the democratic leadership style, also called participative, leaders request and welcome feedback from employees, which is then used to make decisions. Although the leader has the final say, they still aim to operate based on overall consensus.  


The laissez-faire (a French term that essentially translates to “leave alone”) leadership style is mainly a hands-off approach. Employees are allowed to make their own decisions and problem solve without much guidance from leadership. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Leadership Style: 

Level of Expertise

Employees with a history of being top performers or with technical or specialized knowledge will not perform well or be engaged if they are heavily managed, and in that case, a democratic or even laissez-faire could be most effective. Less experienced employees may not have the background yet to make judgment calls, and may need a more strict authoritative leadership style.

Long-Term Goals 

Leadership styles can motivate employees toward specific goals. If productivity is your long-term goal, an authoritarian leadership style will guide employees to follow processes precisely to be more efficient and streamlined. A democratic leadership style is ideal for engagement and fostering teamwork. If your long term goal is to cultivate creativity and innovation, for example, a laissez-faire leadership style would encourage thinking outside the box.

Team Morale 

Ultimately the most effective leadership style is the one that works best for your employees. Boosting team morale and keeping employees motivated, engaged, and productive is what matters most, and the “correct” approach can vary depending on the individuals you lead. 

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