Being a successful sales rep requires a much different set of skills than being an effective sales leader, which can make for a challenging transition after a promotion. Sales is often a very individual line of work, as professionals communicate one-on-one with customers/clients and have their own methods. Being a sales leader means you’ll be accountable for your team’s actions – without actually being involved in the interaction itself. Check out these eight qualities you need to become a strong sales leader: 

1. Collaboration 

The best sales leaders are the ones who work together with their employees to help them succeed. The ability to collaborate with your team and coach them to capitalize on their strengths and improve where necessary, rather than barking orders, will get you far.  

2. Active Listener 

The leaders who talk more than listen are missing out on the opportunity to make the most of their employees. To provide the right guidance and fix issues that are negatively impacting your sales team, you need to be an active listener who pays careful attention to what your employees are telling you.  

3. Flexibility 

Circumstances can change in an instant, especially in sales. Whether it’s a key client being on the fence about changing providers or situations that cause budgets to get slashed, to be a strong sales leader, you must be flexible and quickly adapt to change.  

4. Creative 

There is no one sales tactic that works for all personality types. Sales leaders need to be creative and able to develop multiple ideas to find what is most effective for different clientele.  

5. Positive 

The high-pressure work environment of sales can be stressful. Strong sales leaders are able to proactively maintain a positive outlook and project a sense of calm, so their team can focus and maintain morale.   

6. Empathetic 

Whether you’re developing sales strategies or coaching a sales employee, empathy is key. Being able to consider the perspectives of others, like your customer base and employees, will allow you to develop tactics that work best for them.  

7. Focus 

Strong leaders can assess their workloads and that of their employees and prioritize the tasks that get them closer to the department’s goals and organization. This requires being able to focus on what’s most important and not give into seemingly urgent short term tasks or requests.   

8. Communication  

Transparent communication is so essential for leaders. Giving your sales team clear expectations not only improves their performances because they know exactly what they need to be producing, but it also makes them trust and respect you more since you aren’t withholding information.  

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