If you’ve been out of the workforce for an extended period of time, the idea of job searching can be overwhelming. While it may be difficult, it is definitely doable as long as you approach it with a clear cut strategy and the right mindset. Restart your job search after being unemployed with these tips: 

 Tap Into Your Network 

Word-of-mouth recommendations can be a major boost to any job search, but especially when you have been unemployed. Having someone put you in touch with a hiring manager can get you noticed, instead of being just another submitted resume that could potentially get overlooked. Tap into your network – let people you know professionally and personally that you’re job searching and ask if they’re willing to provide you any job leads or introductions.  

Create a Job Search Routine 

A struggle with restarting your job search after being unemployed is the lack of structure in your day. To stay on task to achieve your job search goals, consistency is key. Create a job search routine to ensure you make regular progress – pick certain days of the week for particular tasks, such as tweaking your resume or reaching out to contacts, and stick to it. Limit the number of days you take off from job searching, as it can be difficult to jump back in if you go too long.  

Address Your Absence 

Unemployment in of itself is not an automatic red flag to most hiring managers, as they understand that circumstances can be out of your control. However, you do need to make it clear that your unemployment is not of your own making or indicative of a lack of motivation or work ethic. Address your absence from the workforce in your cover letter – just a brief explanation of why you’ve been away to ease any potential concerns.  

Fill in Resume Gaps 

A struggle for getting back to work is that hiring managers may not have any way to assess whether you have any relevant skills. Overcome this by filling in your resume gaps. Whether you take on freelance, volunteer, or temporary work, if you can show some type of current experience on your resume, you will have better chances of success at landing a job.  

Reach Out for Support

If you are not having luck in your job search, you may not know what the issue is, so you’re unable to fix it. Reach out to experts for support in getting a job after unemployment, such as a staffing agency. The specialists there can let you know if your resume or interview skills need polished, and can connect you with jobs that are right for you.  

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