Putting your best foot forward for prospective talent is worth the effort.

RPC CompanyCandidates evaluate job opportunities from many angles. Whether you are the direct Hiring Manager or part of the interview team, showcase top talent who you are as a company and as individuals using these tips.

Three Tips for a Hiring Team During the Interview Process 

Build a strong Employer Brand

  • Social, professional networks are the top source of quality hires, yet only 56% of hiring professionals use them ( Encourage employees to review Glass Door favorably. Candidates refer to Glassdoor to research a company’s compensation package and the typical interview process.
  • Top talent will check your website, but if they compare organizations, they will go a step further and investigate what it is like to work at your organization.
  • Positive employee comments on this platform are critical to candidates and help them determine many things, including cultural fit.

    Social Hire’s Tony Restell says,

Managing how candidates perceive your business through a compelling social media presence, strong Glassdoor reviews and favorable commentary from existing employees all impact the overall hiring effectiveness of an organization.

Establish Empathy with Candidates
RPC Company

  • Another way to build trust with candidates is through transparency, respect, and empathy.

    David Vencis, Head of Talent with Drizly, offered this insightful perspective during a recent “Working, Hiring and Onboarding in the New Normal” webinar,

We’ve been challenging ourselves to meet the moment of what’s happening and remind ourselves just how important empathy is with candidates. If they’re finding themselves unfortunately in the layoff situation, [or] maybe they’ve dealt with COVID personally, if they’re still working at a company, there might be uncertainty. I mean, we are connected by this all in a human way.

Ensure a Good Candidate Experience

RPC Company

Candidates evaluate the interview process as a mirror to what it would be like as an employee.

  • Set realistic and transparent expectations for candidates.
  • Outline your communication process, such as when they can expect to hear from you.
  • Coordinate well with candidates. Provide the necessary information, such as who to ask for and what to bring.
  • Be transparent throughout the process, especially conveying the next steps.

    Keeping candidates engaged and informed throughout the interview process is key. It begins to build trust and helps a candidate feel valued.

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