Hiring Options? We have plenty!

Need an on-site solution to boost productivity and reduce your hands-on management time? Want to try potential hires on the job before making an offer? Need to offload the administrative headaches that come with a large temporary workforce?

RPC is here to help!

Choose from the following solutions:


Our on-site coordinator will issue job requisitions, manage payroll, oversee training and handle every detail for your large temporary workforce.


Place your temporary employees on our payroll. We can handle every administrative task from paycheck distribution and tax withholding, to workers’ compensation and benefits.

Temporary Staffing

Add skilled workers to your team to handle demand spikes, complete projects on time, and pick up the slack for ill or vacationing employees.


Eliminate hiring mistakes by assessing candidates for skill, work ethic and cultural fit before extending an offer of employment.

Direct Hire

Find and retain better people in less time. RPC takes care of all the preliminary details – finding, attracting and screening top talent. All you have to do is choose the best fit for you.


What’s the best option for you?