My Representative, Brad Dulaney, has been able to solve any small issues we have had very quickly. Because our company is based out of Mexico & Spain we are not the easiest company to work with due to cultural differences but Brad has been able to work through these differences and bring us great candidates and service from RPC.

Rob, Light Industrial

Cindy and her crew were very helpful and always willing to help resolve any problems that would come up as quick as possible and always available. Its been a pleasure working with them .

Armando, Energy Industry

We had a very positive experience with multiple candidates. Whole process handled with extreme professionalism, prompt and excellent feedback/guidance.


Aldrick and the team have been amazing in helping to staff my organization. Their attention to detail and effort is second to none!


Brad’s customer service has been great. Brad provides a lot of quality candidates that become successful employees. There have been a few candidates that weren’t a great fit for our organization but Brad did what it took to correct the situation. One thing I love about Brad is has personal contact with everyone of his employees in placed in our building. If they have timesheet issues, he takes care of it personally. Other agencies we use do not know their employees at all and are no assistance to them. Brad has a vested interest in each employee. I respect that kind of commitment to the employees and I know the employees feel respected by Brad. Being invested in the employee makes for a much happier productive employee.

Melodie, Call Center/Warehouse

Great partnership!


RPC does a good job of getting the right candidates.

Albert G.

The service we have received has been exceptional. We typically operate on a very short lead time and are extremely pleased with their response to the needs. In addition, the recruiters have been diligent with providing personnel to meet our needs. Since we use a service to locate personnel for open positions, we have been very impressed with the focus RPC puts into finding the right fit for our organization.

HR Manager, Food Science Industry

I have dealt with Resource Personnel Consultants since 2002, during which time they have provided us with excellent support in the areas of permanent and temporary staffing. Their work has been a major factor in our company’s success, helping us to improve our rate of attrition (by over 30%) and member satisfaction through their recruiting of elite staff.Customer Service Manager, Healthcare Industry

Customer Service Manager, Healthcare Industry

Experiencing exponential growth in 2005, we were struggling to keep up in meeting our customers’ needs and were attempting to increase our staff using our own internal resources. When it became apparent that we could not accomplish things fast enough, we began looking for a staffing company to help us. We shopped around and looked at several companies, but ultimately selected RPC. They offered us great rates, screening and testing that we needed, and were able to get us quality candidates quickly (even bilingual).

VP Customer Relations, Call Center Industry