RPC is very professional and made me very comfortable. Any concerns, they handled the best way possible.


Everything I needed and requested has always given an answer right away. Brad and Allison have been very professional and for that I highly recommend this agency to family and friends.


Best temporary agency I have ever worked for. No problems, friendly understanding staff. My recruiter Sarah was completely accurate on the job description and very helpful.


RPC is a good company to associate and work with. My experience has been wonderful and I would recommend RPC to a lot of people.


The recruiter I worked with provided a great experience since this was my first time working with a staffing firm.


RPC has been great throughout the entire experience.


RPC and the company I was assigned to work with were very prompt and precise with delivering information to any of my questions, comments, and concerns.


Quick to respond and quick to fix any problem or question at all! Great experience and very friendly helpful employees.


Everyone was always very nice and very helpful to me.


My Representative, Brad Dulaney, has been able to solve any small issues we have had very quickly. Because our company is based out of Mexico & Spain we are not the easiest company to work with due to cultural differences but Brad has been able to work through these differences and bring us great candidates and service from RPC.

Rob, Light Industrial